Gesino Sgro, founder of Gesino’s Italian Specialty Foods and of Bacco Wine & Spirit, was born in Gasperina, a picturesque village in the Calabria region of Italy. After marrying his childhood sweetheart, they immigrated to the United States, hoping to pave a life for him and his new family in the land of dreams and opportunity. He left green hills, pristine beaches, and uncontaminated waters to embrace hardship of jobs in old steel foundries, hired as an ironworker. To learn English, Gesino tirelessly copied newspaper articles night after night, hoping that one day it would pay off. And it did: he soon expressed his talents  and became a successful resource for the company, enduring a career as field foreman, sales project manager and estimator, traveling throughout the U.S.

Food and wine were always Gesino’s true passions. It was in 2004, while traveling back to Venice, that the wine importing business took off, leading to the creation of Bacco Wine & Spirits. Today, after almost 12 years and with the help of his sons, Bacco serves more than 30 states. The opening of Gesino’s Italian Specialty Food is another dream come true: a unique, new concept store where you can find Italian regional delicacies, the most rare products, healthy and organic choices and great gift ideas.
OUR MISSION: Find some of the most exclusive Italian products and organic treasures for your table.