A collection of organic delicacies: Migliarese. From our own land to your table.

It was nestled in the Ionian coast of Catanzaro that  Gesino discovered the Migliarese Family.  For decades they have translated their vocation for healthy food into creating fine products that families can enjoy knowing they are produced with care and attention to keeping their final product as natural as possible. A perfect balance between sustainable manufacturing and technology. The Migliareses are appreciated for their exquisite production and processing of olives, vegetables, and fresh fruit. Their vegetables in oil, preserves, marmalades and jams, and tomato puree are little treasures characterized by a strong artisan component. The attention that was once paid at home to select the best preserved raw materials is combined with industrial precision and reliability of modern and innovative facilities. The tastes and smells were captured in their beautiful jars of organic products, staples of the Mediterranean Diet.